Friday 5 for April 5: On the Edge of Town

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

  1. If everything else about your life stayed the same, how well could you get by living homeless for a year?
  2. What song do you want played at your funeral?
  3. If you could have anyone to do it, who would you like to be the pallbearers at your funeral?
  4. Who is someone you encounter occasionally in passing, with whom you think you could be good friends if you knew each other socially?
  5. Is there anything useful to be made of empty prescription pill bottles?

Sorry about question 4. There’s a way to ask it more eloquently but it escaped me this morning!

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekend.

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