Friday 5 for December 27: Year-end awards

I’m wording these like end-of-season sports awards, but of course you can interpret (and answer) them however you please!

  1. Who is your 2019 most valuable player?
  2. Who is your 2019 newcomer of the year?
  3. Who is your 2019 most improved player?
  4. Who is your 2019 comeback player of the year?
  5. Who receives your 2019 team spirit award?

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekend and end-of-year!

7 Replies to “Friday 5 for December 27: Year-end awards”

  1. Boy the calendar on this blog is really ahead of the blog’s local time. Just posted something and it says January 1, 2020 above, even though it still is December 31, 2019 here… Gotta fix your WordPress clock Scrivener.

    1. When this project was first launched fourteen and a half years ago, it was completely anonymous as an experiment. The blog’s clock was intentionally set (and remains set) on Greenwich Mean Time. 🙂

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