Friday 5 for December 21: A Real Head-Scratcher

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5!  Please copy these questions to your webspace.  Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses.  Please don’t forget to link us form your website!

  1. What are some pencil-and-paper puzzles you enjoy?
  2. What are some video (or computer or mobile app) puzzle games you’ve enjoyed?
  3. When did you last work on a jigsaw puzzle?
  4. What’s puzzling you right now?
  5. Who is the most enigmatic person you know?

My probable favorite movie of the year (I’m probably going to see at least four more before year’s end) is Puzzle, which I saw in the theater and which is available on DVD and (I think) some streaming platforms.  “Why do we do puzzles?”  “To control the chaos.”

Have a wonderful weekend!

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