Friday 5 for July 21: Shopping!

Here are five questions for you to copy and answer in your own online journal! Please link back here, and leave a comment below, linking to your journal. If you like, you can also copy your answers in your comment here.

  1. From what stores is it impossible for you to emerge empty-handed?
  2. Where do you go when you need to spend a little bit of make-me-feel-better money?
  3. What store did you used to frequent but no longer find appealing?
  4. If you opened your own retail store (not a food-service establishment), what would be its theme, name, and target clientele?
  5. If you had to purchase all your friends’ gifts at one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Have fun, be creative, spread the love, and have a splendid weekend!

Friday 5 for July 14: Identity

Please copy this week’s questions to your online journal, linking back here and leaving a comment to this post. If you like, you can copy your answers in your comment here, too.

  1. What would be cool “entry music” for you upon your arrival at work or school?
  2. How have you personalized your personal computer?
  3. If someone were trying to decide if something were written in your handwriting, what might be a giveaway?
  4. If someone who loved you wanted to get a tattoo on his or her arm as a secret reminder of you, what would be a good tattoo?
  5. If you were the sort to do damage to others’ property, what would your graffiti name be?

Hey! Thanks for participating, and have a swell weekend!

Friday 5 for July 7: Just in Time!

Copy these questions to your journal, type your responses, and then leave a link here to your answers! If you like, you can copy your responses here as a comment to this post!

  1. How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings for whatever you have to do on a typical day?
  2. If you had to retrieve your birth certificate right now, how long would it take before you had it in hand?
  3. How long would it take you, via the quickest means available, to get to the place of your birth from where you are right now?
  4. How long has it been since your last visit to the dentist?
  5. How long is your usual get-ready-for-bed routine?

Thanks for participating, and have a great weekend!

Friday 5 for June 30: Colors

How to participate:

Copy these questions to your online journal. Answer the questions however you feel comfortable. Post your answers as a comment here, or just give us the hyperlink. Spread the love, and spread the news!

  1. When you were a kid, which crayon in your box was the most worn-down?
  2. What color looks best on you?
  3. You know how paint colors always have weird names like “dusk” or “morning haze?” What name for a color would be most appropriate for your bedroom? (forget about the color itself; just focus on its name, and feel free to make a name up!)
  4. What food grosses you out just by its color?
  5. What’s something in your life that just isn’t colorful enough?

The Friday 5: Resurrection (or Revamp)

Is web-journaling dead?

It seems at first glance as if Xanga and LiveJournal have been killed by MySpace, which very few people (by our count) seem to be using as a place for reflection or expression. MySpace seems to have lent itself well to posturing but not so well to introspection.

Yet there are still quite a few living Xangas, LiveJournals, and TypePads, among others: Small spaces on the web where people pour out their hearts, empty out their closets, and, one typed character at a time, strive to put something down that might help them understand themselves better, or at least make it to tomorrow.

It is for these people — these lucky people who have discovered something personal and meaningful on the World Wide Web, something that continues to live even as social fads have ceased to live — that we bring back the Friday 5.

First, however, a few very important notes must be made.

The Friday 5 is in no way connected to the original Friday Five meme or to Heather, its creator, except in the way that the Friday Five connected thousands of us through the simple, beautiful concept of asking us to answer five questions each week and then to check out others’ answers. We feel we owe Heather a huge thank-you, mad props, big ups, and Platonic hugs for the work she did. As of this writing, Heather does not know about our efforts here to steal her idea, but we hope she will offer us her blessing.

None of the questions from that meme will intentionally be asked here, except for questions that seem to occur naturally, as in “What’s your favorite ____________?”

Second, we hate spam and we hate spammers. Your first two comments will be held for approval until one of us can verify the link to your journal, weblog, MySpace, or whatever. If your comment or link looks the least bit spammy, it will not be published. Once you’ve published two comments, you’ll be given a user account and won’t have to wait for approval.

Until bandwidth becomes an issue, we’ll keep the archives open; however, if we have to start paying our webhost extra for this, our first move will be to lock the archives perhaps a month after each week’s 5 has originally been posted.

We are going to avoid using paid advertisements for as long as possible. We are not above asking for donations, but until money becomes an issue, we’re doing this for the love of meaningful reflection and discourse. We’re writers, readers, and teachers of writing, and nothing turns us on more than the thought of people using language expressively, introspectively, cognitively, playfully, and creatively. Your participation is going to be thanks enough, until the bandwidth bill gets too large. Did we mention that we’re teachers? 🙂

We welcome suggestions, questions, criticisms, and potential themes for future 5s. Please send them to

And finally: Mean people suck. Be encouraging to one another, or get the hell out.

The first Friday 5 will be posted at midnight, GMT, on June 30, 2006. Spread the word, will ya?